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Aluminum Dockplates with Curbs - APC Series

APC Type - Aluminum Plates with Curbs - 5,000 - 15,000 Lb. Capacity

Made in America

These boards are the most economical boards for pallet truck applications as well as low volume fork lift applications.

Strong welded curbs prevent flexing and are more durable than bolt-on Curbs.

Also the aluminum curbs are smooth and tapered and extend the length of the dockboard. Edges are smooth easy to grip, set flush to reduce wear and burring.

Aluminum curbs welded to Aluminum plate react to a load as one unit versus steel curbs bolted to a aluminum plates which react individually to a load creating unusual stress at the fasteners. Curbs stay on board, not loose and do not require continual tightening as bolt-on curbing does.

  • Ideal for pallet truck applications that require longer boards.
  • 9" lips are standard. Longer lips available at no additional charge.
  • Remember side curbs take up 5 to 5 1/2î of usable width.
  • All boards have bolt on Steel legs for easy replacement if damaged. Boards have beveled edges to provide smooth entry and exit. 
  • All boards are made from special non-slip Diamond tread surface. 
  • All welded aluminum construction makes boards as light as possible to give years of trouble free service. 



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