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Ratching Winches

Ratcheting Winches for Flatbed

Securing Loads Takes a Turn for the Better

Ratchet Winches

Winch secures any flatbed load with a few turns of an easy-to-use, 6-inch handle. The tested, proven Ratchet Winch saves time and money. Ratcheting winches takes the work out of securing any size load, by any size operator. 

Ratchet Winches makes securing loads easy and convenient:

  •  Enables almost anyone to tighten a winch strap on any size load safely and quickly.
  •  Tested with thousands of tensioning cycles to simulate 10 years of mechanical use.
  •  Faster load-securing lowers operating costs.
  •  Available in slider models to fit virtually any flatbed application. Custom models
  • may be available on request. Contact Ancra Customer Service.
  •  An anti-reverse mechanism holds tension, even when handle is removed.
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