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    Movers Pads

    Professional Moving Pads and Storage Blankets

    Some are American Made & Some are Imported

    American Made Professional Movers Pads

    Professional Premium and Intemediate Movers Pads

    Burlap Skin Professional Movers Space Savers
    Professional Movers Storage Pads
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    Made in America Movers Pads

    From $118.75
    Economical quality movers pad is 2 colors on one side and 2 colors on the other side. Packaged 1 DZN
    *Minimum Quantity is 4 DZN

    *Carpet Color May Vary

    Burlap Skin or Space Saver (1 DZN)

    From $83.00
    A quality burlap and soft moleskin pad, quilted together for lasting wear.
    *Minimum Quantity is 4 DZN

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    Burlap Skin or Space Saver (1 DZN) Size: 72" X 80"

    From $125.64
    Skins / Space savers (Mole skin on one side and burlap on the other) Imported.
    *Minimum Quantity is 4 DZN

    Storage Pads (1 DZN)

    From $100.96
    This pad is made from new non-woven sturdy material.
    *Minimum Quantity is 4 DZN

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