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    Packaging Strapping

    Industrial grade packaging and strapping supply and equipment

    Products include steel strapping kits, plastic strapping and strapping kits, wholesale bulk strapping, strapping tools made in the USA and imported, strapping cart and dispensers, strapping machines and strapping and banding closures. 


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    Propane Heat Gun for Stretch Wrap

    From $1,179.14
    Vestil's Propane Powered Shrink Wrap Heat Gun is lightweight and easy to use. It features an adjustable regulator so power is controllable to suit all types of film. The 26' hose comes with a swivel connector so it does not become twisted.

    Ratchet Band Tensioning Tool for 1/4" to 3/4" bands

    From $285.71
    Made of forged steel and nickel painted, it is appropriate for 1/4” to 3/4” bands and thickness up to 0.03” (0.76mm).

    Screw Type Buckles, 100 p/box, 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" wide

    From $110.00
    Used on applications where no vibration is allowed. Being reusable is its major advantage. Can be coated in polyester or nylon 11.

    Simi Manual Material Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

    From $3,317.35
    Vestil's Material Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine provides the flexibility to apply stretch wrap film at any work station.

    Standard Band Tensioning Tool for 1/4" to 3/4" bands

    From $121.43
    Made of forged steel with electrostatic painting. Has a built in Cutter.

    For use on band widths of 1/4” to 3/4” and thickness up to 0.03” (0.76mm).

    Straight or Flared Leg Brackets / Single Bolt, 3/4" wide

    From $17.86
    Material; Choose from Stainless Steel or Galvanized,

    Thickness; 0.078, Width; 3/4", Weight lbs.; 6.17

    Strap Bandit - Pallet Strapping Threading Tool

    From $60.77
    Strap Bandit is the new revolution in making threading steel band or strap through the rungs of a pallet in the most easiest way possible.


    Strap Bandit is designed to make the pallet threading process faster, safer and better.

    It’s fast and securely holds the strapping.

    It significantly reduces stooping and kneeling.

    It doesn’t get stuck or stopped.

    Strapping Cart Dispenser - Mobile Standard

    From $196.75
    Light to Medium duty strapping cart dispenser.

    16" Diameter X 3" Face Coils / Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping

    From $18.18
    Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping can be secured by hand using wire buckles. They can also be tightened with manual strapping tools and sealed with plastic strapping seals. Another popular method it the use of manual hand held friction weld or heat sealing strapping tools.

    Industrial HD Strapping Cart With Fork Pockets

    From $670.87
    Vestil's Heavy-duty industrial grade strapping and banding cart includes fork pockets for use with lift trucks and standard 27" wide pallet trucks. Includes lifting eye for use with overhead crane. Also comes standard with a steel tool storage tray (18"W x 7"D x 3-1/2"H usable) and 16" diameter foam wheels. Works with strapping core sizes of 16" x 3", 16" x 6" and 8" x 8".

    Lightweight Strapping / Banding Cart

    From $242.71
    Lightweight strapping cart is designed for use with polypropylene strapping that has a core size of 8"X8".

    Size: 16-3/8"x17-1/2"x37-1/2"

    Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart

    From $578.40
    Vestil's Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart is a quick answer to a long time dilemma - getting poly strapping through your pallet. To use, transport cart to your loaded pallet, extend arm, and run strapping to end clip. After strapping is secure, roll cart probe into pallet along center stringer. The strapping arm will then protrude out the other end allowing the operator to pull the strapping up and over the pallet. Unit accepts polypropylene strapping. Tray size is 19"W x 5-3/4"D. The maximum core width is 5", while the minimum core width is 2-1/2". Overall material diameter is 16" with a minimum of 13-3/4". Works with poly strapping core sizes of 16" x 3", 16" x 6" and 8" x 8".

    Packaging Strapping

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