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SA Series - Steel Dockboards

10,000 Lb. - 20,000 Lb Capacity

SA Series Steel Dockboards    Made in USA

”SA” Series steel truck board - best suited for companies running 3 shifts, 24 hr. days, high volume, abusive environment, specifically for forklift traffic. (welded leg assembly)

Rugged Steel Construction gives years of trouble free service even where treatment of product is considered rough.

Tapered side curbs give good tire protection and take up 6 to 7” of useable width. Widths shown are overall widths.

9"” lips are standard. We provide longer lips at no additional charge.

Legs are 2” longer than height differential unless otherwise specified.

In order to properly spec out a truck dockboard four things must be known about the siding where the board is to be used.

1. The Dock Height.
2. The type of semi-trailers the customer will be servicing.
3. The type of equipment that will be driving over the dockboard.
4. Any special considerations because of dock bumpers, sloped docks, height restrictions, etc.....

Reference: How long should your dockboard be? 

Dock Height: Measure above ground level and note any sloping areas in front of the dock. It is important to know this dimension because this determines the height differential and the length of the dockboard. Type of semi-trailers the customer will be servicing: Regular semi-trailers vary between 45-55”. Refrigerated trailers vary between 48-59”. Also most refrigerated trailers have a step or longer ledge in the rear of the trailer; this requires a longer lip than normal.

Type of Equipment: You need to determine the largest truck (load) that will be taken over the board. Also note if pallet trucks, electric lift trucks, or any special equipment that can only go up a gentle slope is to be used with the board.

Special considerations because of dock bumpers, sloped docks, or sloped drives, Height restrictions:
Dockboards are made to go between the truck and the bumper not in between bumpers. If this is not possible, we will need to know the thickness and spacing of the bumpers. Also at some locations because of low ceiling heights the truck must back away from the building, keep a look out for unusual situations. 


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