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Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping by the Roll or Strapping Kits

SteelStrapping / banding by the roll or portable steel strapping kits. The banding kits are ideal for use at remote job sites. All your metal strapping needs are in a convenient and reusable heavy-duty steel case. The heavy duty steel case acts as a strapping dispenser for holding the steel strapping, plus compartments for the strapping seals and tools. They come complete with everything you need to strap a big load or a single item!

Steel strapping kits are available in 3 standard stock sizes: 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". Custom sizes and lengths are available.

Steel strapping kits come complete with a high quality strapping tensioner, double notcher sealer (crimper), heavy duty strapping cutter, 400 ft. heavy duty metal strapping and 500 metal seals. All are packed in a heavy duty metal case which has a strapping dispenser area plus compartments to store the strapping tools and seals.

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