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Van Ramps

Industrial grade aluminum or fiberglass truck or van ramps are available in many sizes including split style aluminum or fiberglass auto ramps. The solution for loading vehicles onto trucks. They are great for movers or delivery companies.

These truck van ramps are a good way to reduce labor costs, back injuries and workers comp claims when moving your maintenance, food service, and material handling equipment. The perfect solution for loading dollies, hand trucks or and two wheeled handcarts onto your truck, trailer, U-Haul or freight loading dock. Not recommended for pallet jacks. Most walk ramps sold have a bump on the bottom of the ramp making it hard to load using a dolly. Our van ramps have tapered foot on bottom of ramp allows a smooth transition onto the ramp, great for loading heavier loads. The perforated walking surface offers a non-slip traction surface in all weather conditions including snow, rain or mud.

AWR Model is our Standard Van Ramp.   

  • 3 3/4" High rails, with 1 1/2”"  curb height, make ramps safer and stronger, especially for longer length ramps.
  • Tapered bottom at the lower end of ramp makes loading of heavy goods easier. No bump which is objectionable to many customers.
  • Serrated flooring gives good traction. 
  • Comes in 28" and 38" widths.
  • Custom Sizes available upon request. 


AWR with Grip Strut Model is used for snow belt region's or where extra traction is needed.  

  • Load and unload trucks when docks are unavailable. The open deck design allows snow, ice and water to fall through ramp providing a positive grip for delivery men, shippers and receivers. 100% welded aluminum construction is light-weight and will not rust. Ramps feature a 2" high safety curb on each side. 

TM Model is for Mounting Under the Truck for a more permanant solution. 

  • Ramp includes steel pocket frame for under-truck mounting. Frame includes linkage to prevent ramp from falling out. Manual spring-loaded lock secures ramp into frame. Handle loops are included to help with deploying the ramp. Overlap style end lip rests on trailer bed and provides smooth transition. Each unit includes two safety chains to connect ramp to trailer for safety. Curb height is 2". Solid treadplate deck type features non-slip serrations for extra grip. 100% welded aluminum construction is light-weight and will not rust.

FWR Model is Fiberglass Walk Ramps. 

  • Load and unload equipment from trucks using these Heavy Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps. Reinforced fiberglass construction provides up to 5,000 pounds capacity. Abrasive surface provides good traction either wet or dry. 1" high curb on each side of ramp. Not for use with fork trucks or pallet trucks.

FAL Model is Fiberglass Auto Loaders for loading vehicles.

The Autoloader Ramp has all the great features of the Heavy duty fiberglass walkramps may be separated in half to provide two ramps which may be used to load automobiles and other vehicles.  Autoloader ramps have 5,000 pounds capacity.

VTR Model is Aluminum Vehicle Twin Ramps

Provide a safe means for driving vans, pick-up trucks and some passenger vehicles from ground level into and out of high building entrances. Ramps can be securely fastened to dock with w/ chains (34") attached to ramps with hook on the end. To avoid hang-ups measure under clearance and wheelbase of vehicle. The usable width is 14". Side curbs are 1-1⁄4" high. Welded aluminum construction. Sold in pairs.

Custom Sizes Available on Aluminum Ramps

If you dont see the size your looking for we will make it to fit for you.

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