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    Engine Hoist & Floor Cranes

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    Electric Powered Floor Cranes

    Electric Powered Floor Cranes

    Electric Powered Floor Cranes are fully powered shop cranes (power hoist & power in/out boom) for moving loads quickly, easily, and safely. 24V DC drive and lift motor handles heavy-duty jobs.
    From $9,521.43
    Power Lift Option - Hand Control

    Power Lift Option - Hand Control

    Plastic Power Lift Hand Control For Fully Powered Electric Floor Crane Models Yellow
    From $240.26
    Shop Crane Engine Hoists

    Shop Crane Engine Hoists

    Shop Crane or Engine Hoist telescopic boom gives you multiple lifting heights and capacities. You raise the boom with a manual hydraulic hand pump.
    From $449.07
    Counter Balanced Floor Cranes

    Counter Balanced Floor Cranes

    Counter Balanced Floor Cranes have an adjustable boom to allow for maximum adjustment and versatility to lift a variety of loads. Boom is raised with a manual hydraulic hand pump or push of a button on DC powered units. Boom also telescopes out for greater reach. The counterbalance design eliminates the need for front legs, making the unit easier to maneuver and ideal for reaching tight, hard to reach areas.
    From $2,662.48