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    Dock Seals (8' Wide x 8' high doors)

    From $900.90
    Truck trailer dock seals for 8X8 doors have a 36 ounce reinforced vinyl facing. Chemically sealed ends to protect from moisture penetrating.

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    Dock Seals (for 8' wide x 9' high doors)

    From $1,043.30
    Dock seals 8X9 have a 36 ounce reinforced vinyl facing. Chemically sealed ends to protect from moisture penetrating.

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    Truck Loading Dock Shelters

    From $1,885.24
    Dock Shelter is used with doors up to 10'W x 10'H.

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    Dock Seal/Shelter Combination

    From $1,191.48
    The dock seal and shelter combination standard use is for a 96" wide X 120 inch high door.

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    Retractable Loading Dock Shelter

    From $1,915.26
    Retractable Dock Shelter fits up to a 120"W x 120"H door.

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    Dock Seals & Shelter Options

    From $56.24
    Truck load dock Seals & Shelter Options

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    Dock Seal Draft Blockers

    From $97.48
    Dock Seal Draft Blocker
    Dock seal draft blockes are used to block drafts between dock seals and dock levelers. The compressible foam provides sealing action in all types of irregular gaps. They have top carrying handles for easy removal. The air vent allows the bag to return to original shape. Grommets are provided for tether attachment (not included). Filled with foam for compressibility.

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    Loading Dock Draft Mats

    From $30.80
    Truck Loading Dock Draft Mats are the perfect accessory for loading docks. A mat is a great way to stop unwanted air flow, while not inhibiting the functionality of the dock. They come complete with cutout handles on each end of the mat for easy carrying. Draft mats are constructed of lightweight material for easy handling. They are the perfect accessory for reducing outside air flow. Slim design for compact storage when not in use. Brightly colored for clear visibility.

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