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    Load Locks & Cargo Bars

    Wholesale Cargo Bars, Jack Bars & Load Locks with Volume Price Breaks

    Cargo Bars or often referred to as Load Lock Bars are the most common type a load locks because they are economical and easy to use. We have aluminum and steel load locks. Just by a simple release lever on the side of the load bar you can release and lock the load bar. Shippers Mall, Inc has the capability to make your load lock bar to fit your specific application. We have various types to choose from including Heavy Duty Cargo Bars and Jack Bars with the steel being much thicker than our competition.

    We have one type of cargo bar that has etrack fittings so not to slide. The CC5010 Adjustible Cargo Bar from Peerless Industrial

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    GrabBar™ Cargo Stabilizer

    From $72.72
    Designed for cargo stabilization inside trailers with wood or metal rails or for securing that one odd skid at the end of the load.

    SecureBar™ Load locks For Light Truck & Passenger Vehicles

    From $32.33
    Can be used in pickups, SUVs, vans and passenger cars. The soft rubber feet provide excellent grip and won’t mar surfaces.

    Adjustable Cargo Bar - SmartBar CC5010

    From $41.09
    SmartBar cargo bar adjust continuously from 48" - 108". Stronger, longer, shorter than most all other load lock.

    Aluminum Saf-T-Lok Bar Adjusts from: 90" to 105"

    From $29.96
    Load Lock: Kinedyne's Saf-T-Lok bars are designed for economy and ease of operation.

    Cargo Bar / Load Lock Holder

    From $21.85
    Cargo Bar Holder holds two heavy duty or standard-duty cargo bars.

    Cargo Bar Holder and Load Lock Holder

    From $25.54
    Cargo Bar Holder BarKeeper from Ancra is the perfect storage solution to lost and damaged cargo load locks.

    Cargo Bar or Load Lock Holder BarTender from Kinedyne

    From $36.11
    The BarTender is designed to provide storage for Jack Bars, Saf-T-Lok Bars and Saf-T-Bar II Bars on the exterior of the tractor cab.

    Cargo Hoop Set For use with FE8066-FE8000 Series Aluminum Beams

    From $47.27
    Cargo Hoop Set for Aluminum Decking Beams For use with FE8066 & FE8000 series Aluminum Beams. (Note: Not for use with FE8050 series aluminum beams).

    Cargo Hoop Set For use with Saf-T-Lok Cargo Bars

    From $36.28
    Set for use with Saf-T-Bar II and Saf-T-Lok cargo bars. Kinedyne cargo hoops bolt easily and quickly to appropriate bars or beams to provide a greater surface area of cargo restraint. All hoop sets come with 2 hoops and necessary attaching hardware.

    Size: 24.0" x 29.0"

    Weight: 13.3 lbs., 6.1 kgs.

    Cart Locks. Full Head, Coated Double Hook, Adjusts from: 24" to 33"

    From $67.76
    For use between carts. Series FE8090 Roll-In Cart Locks are a positive securement system for roller cart applications.

    Cart Locks. Half Head, Coated Single Hook, Adjusts from: 24" to 33"

    From $64.83
    For End Carts. Series FE8090 Roll-In Cart Locks are a positive securement system for roller cart applications.

    Heavy Duty Jack Bar One Piece Galvanized - Up to 114" Long

    From $34.39
    Heavy Duty Jack Bar One Piece Galvanized Bolt On Feet.