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    Lashing and other winchesFlat-bed Cable Winch, Lashing Winch and Other Winches

    The lashing winch with double hex drive can be bolted or welded to the trailer like that of a standard, yet offers the quick release and easy operation of a ratchet buckle.


    • Winches are  permanently marked with working load limit and the Ancra name to certify quality.
    • Smooth ground web slots prevent web wear.
    • All surfaces are mechanically cleaned, blasted, dipped in an alkaline bath and rinsed. The powder coating on Ancra winches withstands 250 hours of standard salt spray testing to ensure years of service.

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    Cable Winch-End Mount-LH

    From $32.80
    Cable Winch-End Mount-LH

    Combo Winch-Leg Mount-Low Profile

    From $25.02
    Combo Winch-Leg Mount-Low Profile

    Combo Winch-Recessed Box

    From $34.08
    Combo Winch-Recessed Box

    Lashing Winch -w/ double Hex Drive - Quick Release

    From $10.42
    Lashing Winch - w/ double Hex Drive and three mounting holes.

    Lashing Winch, Single Mounting Hole,

    From $7.65
    Lashing Winch, With double hex drive and single mounting hole.

    Porta Anchor Outward Offset

    From $37.78
    Porta Anchor works with the Porta Winch and/or the Porta Ratchet Winch.

    Porta Winch - Outward Offset

    From $32.10
    Porta Winch fits into Stake Pockets on Flatbed Trailers. Use with Porta Anchor for the opposite side of the trailer.

    Porta Winch Inward Offset

    From $32.10
    Porta Winch Offset. Inward off-set to allow for track-mounted tarp clearance.

    Porta Winch Ratcheting Stake Pocket Winch

    From $38.52
    Porta Winch Ratcheting Winch will turn stake pockets into strap anchor points. Ancra has created a way you can turn standard stake pockets into solid anchor points for securement straps. Our DOT and FMCSA compliant 3-Bar PortaWinch and PortaAnchor offer a versatile system that allows you to position the tie down straps anywhere along either side, front or back of the trailer, using stake pockets that best accommodate your load. Standard outward off-set. Ratcheting

    Weld-On Cable Winch w/Hole

    From $15.53
    Weld-On Cable Winch with 5/8" diameter hole for cable attachment.
    *Please order in increments of 5 pcs

    Winch-Side Mount, Combination Low Profile

    From $15.12
    Cable Winch-End Mount-LH

    Bottom Mount Bolt-On Web Winch, E-Coated

    From $26.00
    Bolt-on winches are designed to bolt onto side frame and bottom flange of side rail.

    Specifications: A: 7.68" B: 4.88" C: 6.88" D: 3.50"

    Working Load Limit: 5,500 lbs./2500 kgs.

    Weight: 8.2 lbs., 3.7 kgs

    Winches Other

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