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    Premium Casters

    High-Quality Non-Marking Thermoplastic Rubber Casters, Heavy Duty Polyurethane Casters, High Tech Non-Marking Casters, High Quality Polyurethane Elastomer Casters. 

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    Casters, high-quality non-marking thermoplastic rubber, Model; CST-F40-DK-GRP

    High-Quality Non-Marking Thermoplastic Rubber

    High-Quality Non-Marking Thermoplastic Rubber Casters are made of high-tech thermoplastic rubber, TPR (Duratek). Gray tread color. 65 Shore A. Wheel core is constructed of polyolefin.
    Made in Taiwan.
    From $33.65
    Premium Quality Casters for industrial use, high-quality polyurethane-elastomer casters, Model; CST-JKING-UL-GRP

    High-Quality Polyurethane-Elastomer Casters

    High-Quality Polyurethane-Elastomer Casters are made of proprietary polyurethane-elastomer that allows tread to retain its shape, reject debris, and increase its stored energy to boost ergonomic performance. This superior caster is designed to reduce the force exerted to turn or start rolling, even when all wheels are not parallel. It also features neoprene sealed precision ball bearings and hardened raceways, providing a smooth rotation with less effort. Caramel tread color. 83+/-5 Shore A. Wheel core is constructed of aluminum.
    Made in the USA
    From $91.50
    High Tech Casters for industrial use, high-tech non-marking polyurethane, Model; CST-F40-DT-GRP

    High-Tech Non-Marking Polyurethane

    High-Tech Non-Marking Polyurethane casters are made of 100% pure polyurethane tread (Duratough). Designed with a new liquid cast flow affusion that ensures a 100% bond and "zero" trapped air. Green tread color. 90 +/-5 Shore A. Wheel center is constructed of polyolefin.
    Made in Taiwan.
    From $34.95
    Premium heavy duty polyurethane Casters, Model; CST-F40-SI-GRP

    Premium Heavy Duty Polyurethane

    Premium Heavy Duty Polyurethane casters are made of exclusive premium grade proprietary polyurethane with donut tread (Sirius Heavy Duty). Ideal for applications where superior strength and high ergonomic performance is required. Orange tread color. 85 +/-5 Shore A. Wheel core is constructed of aluminum.
    Made in Taiwan.
    From $68.08