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Weld Screens & Curtains

Amber Welding Screen Strip and Sheet PVC

Amber Weld Screen PVC Strip and Sheet from Shippers Mall is the perfect solution for creating welding stations that are safe for both the welder and the employees working within the area.

Aztec Red Welding Screen Strip and Sheet PVC

Aztec Red weld screen from Shippers Mall is a bright red PVC that protects against the UV light emitted during the welding process.

Free Standing Portable Weld Screens

Shippers Mall has a complete line of Portable Weld Screens, which are used to protect workers and employees from UV flash and welding sparks. Portable Weld Screens can be built in minutes and can easily be moved and expanded to create custom configurations. Weld screens are a must to create a safer working environment.

Portable Weld Screen Features:

  • Shippers Mall's Portable Weld Screen frames are made of durable, 18-gauge steel with a rust-resistant, black enamel finish.
  • Each Shippers Mall Portable Weld Screen includes "feet" for added support and stability. Add casters to your portable weld screen for even easier mobility and workplace adaptability.
  • Multiple portable weld screens can attach together without the use of tools or hardware. Screens fasten to frame with wire ties, which are supplied with every portable weld screen.
  • Widths and heights are transposable, so any portable weld screen can be used either vertically or horizontally.
  • All corner pieces have a built-in "stop" that allows the screens to be moved without coming apart.
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