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    Sign Stands & Barriers

    Sign Stands and Protective Barriers

    Sign Stands

    Display your signs anywhere. Surface mounted with a weighted base. Includes (3) three holes, 9/16" diameter with 1⅜" diameter counter-bore for permanent mounting of sign. Removable post will accept virtually any sign. Sign stands are available with or without wheels. Wheels allow you to tip and roll unit.

    Sign Base System

    Sign base systems give your property that brand new look for years to come! Save time on installation and no core drilling or anchor assembly required. Pyramid base can be conveniently rolled out of the way for parking lot maintenance and snow removal. Made with ¼" low density polyethylene, which has ultra-violet and anti-static additives for long lasting, maintenance free use. Bases can be filled with concrete, sand, or up to twenty two (22) gallons of water (11½ gallons model OSB). Steel pipe sleeved with high-density thermoplastic included with bases. Supports various signs from “NO PARKING”, to “STOP SIGN”, and post is removable from base for easy storage.

    Portable & Permanent Sign Bases

    Sign Bases are perfect for parking garages, parking lots, retail establishments, school crossings, and high traffic pedestrian walkways. A lightweight and more durable option to steel, these signs are designed to take vehicle impacts and low speed roll-overs without causing damage to the post or vehicle. The recycled base, series FSP-BASE, is perfect for short term applications or when a rapid deployment is necessary. Permanent sign posts with circular bases can be anchored with ¼" lag bolts (not included). Other post heights and signs are available, contact factory for pricing.

    Steel and Aluminum Safety Railings

    Protective Railings protect people from uneven walkways and mezzanine drop off's. Safety railings are available in 2 constructions, aluminum and steel. The steel models have a schedule 10 pipe construction while the aluminum models are made of schedule 40. Handrails are 42" high with a 21" mid-rail. Mounting options include: steel sockets, cast steel base, barricade base with feet or wheels, metal sleeves, wall mounted sockets or cast steel sockets for convenient handrail removal. The series VDKR-P sockets accept wood 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" when toe boards are required and two (2) lag down holes for permanently mounting the railing. Series VDKR has a yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness.

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    Picture of Sign Stand with Pyramid Base

    Sign Stand with Pyramid Base

    Save time on installation and no core drilling or anchor assembly required. Pyramid Base can be conveniently rolled out of the way for parking lot maintenance and snow removal.
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