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Steel and Aluminum Dockplates With and Without Curbs

Made in America

Aluminum Dock Plates | Series E

Truck loading and unloading fast economically. Spans the opening between dock and trailer to allow pallet or hand trucks along with people to safely move in and out of the trailer. Constructed of high strength, lightweight aluminum alloy non-skid tread plate. Handles are located on each side for portability. Locking legs for OSHA Compliance. The bend is 11° and located 9" from end of the dockplate. Not recommended for use with fork trucks. 


Aluminum Hand Truck DockPlates | Series A

For use with two wheel hand trucks. A convenient, safe and easy way to access loading docks from trucks. Hand truck dock plates are lightweight and easily portable by just one person. Treadplate surface ensures skid-resistant safe traction. Locking legs secure the plate for safe loading and unloading. Complete with bolt-on zinc plated carrying handles and locking legs. The bend or crown is 11° and located 9" from edge of dockplate.


Small Aluminum DockPlates | Series AMD

For use when crossing 3" to 5" curbs or high door thresholds using these light, but durable Aluminum Mini Dockplates. Ideal and economical for use with hand trucks for deliveries. Aluminum construction is lightweight yet durable. Features carrying handles and diamond treadplate surface for better traction. Can ship via UPS. 

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