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    Economical Casters

    Thermoplastic Polyurethane Rubber Casters, Polypropylene Casters,  Cast Iron Casters, Mold on Rubber Casters, Glass Filled Nylone Casters and Phenolic Casters. 

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    Industrial Caster, cast iron casters, Model; CST-C02-3X1CI-S

    Cast Iron Casters

    Cast iron casters are a cost efficient way of getting industrial carts and dollies back to running smoothly. The units are abrasion resistant even when transporting substantial weight. Swivel model allows the user to change directions and maintain increased control over the device. Simple attachment for immediate use upon installation. Black tread color. Wheel core is constructed of cast iron.
    Made in China.
    From $7.04
    Industrial polyurethane casters, Model; CST-B28-PP-GRP

    Polypropylene Casters

    Polyurethane Casters are great for a variety of industries with their limited rolling resistance and ability to withstand rough environments. The construction is non-staining and corrosion resistant to a variety of outside substances. Swivel design allows the user to maneuver and change directions instantaneously. Wheel core is constructed of polypropylene. 100 +/-5 Shore A (CST-B23-2X1PP-S 95 +/-5 Shore A).
    Made in China.
    Industrial Caster, thermoplastic polyurethane rubber casters, Model; CST-B23-TPR-GRP

    Thermoplastic Polyurethane Rubber Casters

    Thermoplastic Polyurethane Rubber Casters provide a low resistance when maneuvering with heavy loads. Resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohol, salts, and steam. Gray tread color. Wheel core is constructed of polypropylene. CST-B23 90 +/-5 Shore A / CST-B28 85 +/-5 Shore A.
    Made in China.
    From $2.87
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