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    Coil Racks

    Coil Chocks for Hauling Coils

     Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Coil Chocks

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    Ancra Coil Chock - Light Duty part 49344-10

    Coil Rack - Standard Duty

    10-Gauge Metal Standard Coil Rack
    10-gauge metal construction
    Durable black lacquer finish
    From $12.79
    Kinedyne Heavy Duty Coil Rack 49344-2 Our coil racks for flatbed trailers are of

    Extra HD Coil Chocks for Flatbed Trailers

    Extra heavy duty coil chock has a one-piece construction for extra support, handling both heavy and light duty applications.
    From $50.86
    Kinedyne coil Rack Heavy duty

    Heavy Duty Coil Chock

    Material: Hot Rolled Steel, 8 Gauge, Finish: Painted Black
    From $21.89
    8656 - Standard Duty Coil Chock

    Standard Duty Coil Chock

    Material: Hot Rolled Steel, 10 Gauge, Finish: Painted Black
    From $17.70