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Strapping Carts

Strapping Cart Dispensers

All of our strapping and banding cart dispensers can be used with non-metallic strap and steel strapping as well. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel and provide years of service. Strapping dispensers is designed to keep your strapping and all your strapping accessories together for easy mobility and use.

Strapping Compartment

The strapping is held in place in the strapping compartment between the strapping plates. Strapping plates are designed to accommodate certain core sizes. Some strapping carts can be converted to take different core sizes.

Strapping Brake

The strapping brake keeps the strapping from unwinding and making a mess. The brake is lifted when the users pulls on the strapping to allow the release of strapping but will brakeĀ and stop the strapping roll from uncoiling as soon as the operator stops pulling on the strap.

Strapping Tool Tray

The tool tray on top of the strapping cart is designed to hold your strapping tools (like a tensioner and strapping sealer) and closures (strapping seals, buckles, etc) handy and in one place.

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