Dock Levelers

Discover our wide range of dock levelers including hydraulic, mechanical, and electric models. Ensure efficient and safe loading and unloading operations with our durable and reliable dock levelers.
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Mechanical Dock levelers model RR-VSL-GRP

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock levelers are constructed of heavy duty diamond plate deck (55,000 PSI) steel for long term support of the steel channel understructure. The dock leveler allows for easy truck loading and unloading. The leveler is engineered and designed for minimum maintenance and features a smooth pull chain operation. Lip is 16" long. Service range 12" above and below dock. Includes (2) 1014-4.5 laminated bumpers. Uniform capacities available up to 50,000 pounds.
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Mechanical Edge-O-Docks dock levelers model: FM-2072

Edge-O-Dock Levelers

Edge-O-Dock leveler permanently attaches to face of dock. It is recommended for docks to be at least forty-eight (48) inches high. When the trailer departs, the lip drops automatically behind the face of the bumpers. Concrete recess is not required. It comes complete with 2" x 8" x 18" bumpers and installation instructions. Standard ramping is twenty-nine (29) inches, (29-13/16" with 30,000 lb. capacity), with a (36-5/8") inch long ramping length available for smaller grade. A steel dock edge, or approach ramp is required for proper installation.
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Truck Actuated Dock Leveler RU-SU-VSL-GRP

Truck Actuated Dock Leveler

These dock leveler's are fully automatic loading ramp where there is no dock attendant needed. It consists of a lift by-pass for safety and toe guards on each side. As the truck backs against the twin actuating arms (bumpers) it pushes the carriage back. The dock and trailer doors must be raised for this process to work. As the carriage goes back the deck goes up. When the carriage bumpers contact the dock, the deck floats down to rest on the trailer. When the truck pulls out, the deck returns to level supported position automatically.
Electric Hydraulic Dock leveler EH-VSL-GRP

Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler work great for high usage dock areas. The hydraulic design is state of the art and consists of a simple push of the button operation. The operator pushes and holds the "raise" button which activates the hydraulic pump and raises the deck. When the deck reaches the raised position the lip automatically extends. The operator releases the "raise" button and the deck descends to rest on the trailer. The control box includes a red emergency stop button standard. When the truck pulls away, the deck descends to full down position, trips the limit switch and returns automatically to the level cross traffic position. Includes telescopic steel toe guards on both sides, flush with platform edge, service range of +/- 12" and two (2) laminated bumpers. 460V 3-Phase standard. Uniform capacities available up to 80,000 pounds, contact factory.
From $5,196.77