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    Amber Weld Screen Strip and Sheet PVC

    From $299.98
    Amber Weld Screen PVC Strip and Sheet from Shippers Mall is the perfect solution for creating welding stations that are safe for both the welder and the employees working within the area.

    Aztec Red Weld Screen Strip and Sheet PVC

    From $316.95
    Aztec Red weld screen from TMI is a bright red PVC that protects against the UV light emitted during the welding process.

    Black Opaque PVC Strips & Sheet Rolls

    Black Opaque standard strips for privacy creating a non-transparent barrier.

    Clear Anti Static PVC Strip Bulk Rolls

    From $350.92
    Flat Clear Anti-Static Strips reduce the buildup of static electricity that is created when objects and people pass through PVC strips.

    Clear Extra Low Temperature PVC Strip Bulk Rolls

    From $359.41
    USDA-rated extra low temperature PVC strips are for the coldest applications, including blast freezers, Extra Low Temperature Flat PVC is an excellent option. Extra Low Temperature Flat PVC can be used in freezers and remains functional in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 130°F. This PVC can also be used in outdoor applications where the temperature is consistently below freezing.

    Clear Low Temperature PVC Strip Bulk Rolls

    From $100.01
    USDA-rated low temperature PVC strips designed for walk-in coolers and freezers. These strips are approved for incidental contact with food and can operate within temperatures ranging from -20°F to 140°F. The smooth strips efficiently block conditioned cooler/freezer air from escaping but enable workers to pass from the kitchen to the coolers and freezers freely. Low temperature USDA strip doors are ideal for restaurants and other food storage facilities. Additionally, these strip doors can be used in outdoor settings where temperatures are consistently below freezing.

    Clear PVC Strip Bulk Rolls

    From $90.01
    As most strip doors serve as traffic doors, clear material is ideal; the unmatched clarity maximizes safety, workflow and productivity. The most common clear material comes in standard, low temperature and anti-static compounds to meet a wide variety of applications for doorways, curtains and other partitioning devices.

    Standard Offset Double Ribbed Strip & Sheet PVC

    From $140.08
    In areas where there is a high amount of mechanized traffic, Shippers Mall's offset double ribbed PVC can be used to ensure that the strip door remains clearer, longer.

    White Opaque PVC Strips & Sheet Rolls

    From $547.12
    White opaque PVC strips are used to provide environmental separation while also restricting visibility to create added levels of privacy.