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    Wheel Chocks

    Wheel chocks for Simi Trailers and Loading Docks

    We carry rubber, aluminum and steel wheel chocks and chocks with handle and "Chock Your Wheels" sign to remind drivers and dock workers to chock the trailer wheels. We also sell wheel chock accessories seperatly. 

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    2 Steel Rail Car Chocks w/ 30" Chain

    From $134.95
    Model SRC/SRC features a 30" long chain which connects the combo sets together for added security. Handle length is 9-11/16".

    2 Steel Rail Car Chocks with Sign and Handle

    From $172.39
    2 Rail Chocks, 1 Safety Sign, 1 handle.

    Aluminum Chock w/flag "Chock Your Wheels" sign. CWS-13

    From $150.78
    Wheel chock with flag Chock block is 7" x 8" x 11-7/8"

    Aluminum Wheel Chock w/ Hand Grip chock block.

    From $76.65
    Hand grip is molded into the chock. Size; 7"W x 8"H x 13-1/16"D

    Extruded Aluminum Chock Block

    From $52.92
    Lightweight durable chock is 7"Wx8"Hx11-3/4"D

    Extruded Aluminum Chock with ergonomic handle and sign.

    From $164.95
    Sign "Chock Your Wheels" with long handle for easy removal. Size: 7" x 7-11/16 x 11-7/8". Has a 36" high handle and "Chock Your Wheels" sign.

    Extruded Aluminum Chock with ergonomic handle.

    From $97.84
    Size 7" x 7-11/16 " x 11-7/8" with easy remove handle.
    Part#: EALUM-7-H

    Extruded Rubber Wheel Chock 10 X 4.5 X 4

    From $28.10
    Wheel chock has reinforced rubber to provide a sure grip on virtually any surface.

    Extruded Rubber Wheel Chock 6.5X12X5.75

    From $39.33
    Reinforced rubber to provide a sure grip on virtually any surface.
    Part # EX-13

    Extruded Rubber Wheel Chock 8.5X 8.5 X 6

    From $31.86
    Reinforced rubber to provide a sure grip on virtually any surface.

    Fabricated Steel Chock to be used with any size tire.

    From $45.87
    Size: 9-13/16" x 8-1/4" x 9-15/16" Weight: 11 lbs.

    Fabricated Steel Wheel Chock 10.5" w HANDLE

    From $101.88
    Fabricated Steel wheel chock that has a handle attached to make it easy to move wheel chocks in and out of position under trailer wheels. Reduce the risk of back, knee, and foot injuries. Handle is constructed of steel and includes a yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness. Assembly required.