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    Rail Car Wheel Chocks

    Our Rail Chocks fit most normal size rails. Double side flanges secure chocks on the track. 4 hardened spurs located on the bottom of the chock ar for maximizing a non slip positive grip.

    • Handle projection is 36 inches
    • Handle height is 14 inches
    • Support legs on some models are used to balance the flag rail chocks and can be adjusted up to 14 inches high.
    • Comes with aluminum "Chock your Wheels" sign that is visible from both sides and has a High visibility safety yellow finish.
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    2 Rail car chocks with chain.

    2 Steel Rail Car Chocks w/ 30" Chain

    Model SRC/SRC features a 30" long chain which connects the combo sets together for added security. Handle length is 9-11/16".
    From $145.11
    Steel Rail Car Chocks with "Chock Your Wheels" Sign

    2 Steel Rail Car Chocks with Sign and Handle

    2 Rail Chocks, 1 Safety Sign, 1 handle.
    From $183.75
    Hook for the Magnetic Rail Car wheel chock RC-WC-HOOK

    Hook for Magnetic Rail Car Wheel Chock

    Magnetic Rail Car Wheel Chock to easily pickup the chock
    From $37.65
    Magnetic Rail Car wheel chock

    Magnetic Rail Car Wheel Chock

    Magnetic Rail Car Wheel Chock is designed to stabilize railcar wheels while loading and unloading. Standard features include; rail track attaching magnets for extra grip, pick up holes for easy transportation, a nylon material design for durability and longevity, and orange color for safety.
    From $51.24
    Industrial Rail Car Chock with Safety Flag

    Rail Chock with "Chock Your Wheels" Sign.

    Rail chock w/adjustable height leg.
    From $115.99
    Railcar Wheel chock with handle

    Single Rail Chock with Handle

    Railroad car wheel chock with handle.
    From $75.37